Parish Council - March News
30 Apr 2017

Snapshot of the Parish Council meeting on 14th March 2017

Items discussed included:

Planning Applications

Several applications since the last Parish Council meeting have been received. Of note an extension to quarry activities at Copyhold Farm Quarry and equestrian facilities on land south of Randall's Farm.

Applications can be found on the Planning Advice section of the West Berkshire Council website.  

Curridge Playground Project

The project works continue and the Curridge Playground Trustees have had a footpath repaired, new fencing erected and maintenance works agreed and scheduled for spring 2017.

Chieveley Parish Annual Assembly

The Parish Assembly this year is on Tuesday 11 April 2017 at Chieveley Village Hall & Recreational Centre. Starts at 8pm. Residents of Chieveley, Curridge and Oare are invited to the event to support local speakers and community group displays. Refreshments will be served during the evening. The programme for the evening will be available at the end of March on village noticeboards and village websites, and

Boundary Commission Electoral Review.

The Boundary Commission has opened its consultation inviting proposals for a new pattern of electoral wards for West Berkshire Council. The Commission is minded to recommend to reduce the 52 Ward Councillors to 42 Ward Councillors for West Berkshire Council in future. The Commission invites proposals from West Berkshire Council, Parish Council, interested parties and members of the public on a pattern of electoral wards to accommodate those councillors. The consultation ends 3 April 2017.  View interactive maps of the council, draw your own boundaries and have your say at their specialist consultation portal at: Boundary Commission Electoral Review

Annual Internal Audit

The Parish Council have received a good internal audit report for 2016 2017. A copy of the report is available at here.

Curridge Road between Carbrook and Oaklands

A West Berkshire Council Senior Technician has inspected the site and reported that while minimum verge overrun is evident, verge overrun is unfortunate but quite common on rural roads such as this, especially where vehicles pass each other. This road is wider than most, good visibility and the height difference between road and field minimal. In West Berkshire Council's opinion, no engineering measures are currently required.

FAQ...of the month 

Question -  I have a Council Tax Query, who should I contact?

Answer - Council Tax Section, West Berkshire Council Tel: 01635 519520 Email:

What would the residents of Chieveley Parish like to see included under FAQ's? Please email questions you feel would be of interest to the community to the Parish Clerk Thank you.

Spotlight on...road maintenance

West Berkshire Council is responsible for maintaining all the adopted roads and footways in the district, except for the M4 Motorway and A34 trunk road Newbury by-pass.  If you would like to report a defect on the adopted roads and footways (such as potholes, damaged signs, fallen trees, flooding, blocked drains) you can do so online via Report a Problem on the West Berkshire web site Report a Problem  The method of reporting a problem, e.g. a pothole, has been improved to allow the user to identify the location (of the pothole) on a map, and to comment on the defect, e.g. size and depth of the pothole.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place at 7pm on 11 April 2017 at the Chieveley Village Hall & Recreational Centre, High Street, Chieveley, Berkshire RG20 8TE.

The first 10 minutes of the meeting are available for members of the public to express a view or ask a question of the Parish Council.

Members of the public are welcome to stay and observe for the rest of the meeting