Statement on Traveller encampment at Chieveley Recreation Ground
28 Aug 2018


On the evening of Bank Holiday Monday, 27th August, a group of travellers commenced an unauthorised encampment on Chieveley Recreation Ground. This consists of four caravans and approximately six vehicles. The police were called and attended, recording the incident as "URN 1088 270818".

Members of the Village Hall committee met the leader, in the company of the Police. We have been told that they intend to stay to the weekend and that no more vehicles are to be expected. They have been told that this is a trespass and that legal action will be taken to evict them. The proceedings have been initiated.The Police must safeguard the rights of all equally. The travellers have indicated that they intend to be peaceable. The Police tell us that this band has a reputation for good behaviour.

Should there be any damage, disturbance, intimidation or other interference with normal village life and the legitimate use of the Village Hall, Recreation Ground or other facilities, please inform the police, citing the reference number and informing Tracy Snook (Parish Council Clerk - 247507) and William Hooper (Recreation Ground Chair - 247534). Such interference provides evidence to accelerate the normal legal proceedings.

After speaking with the leader of the travellers, Will Hooper reported "Such risk to peaceful village life is never welcome. We have been assured by the Travellers that their intention is to stay a short time, but unfortunately we cannot rely on this. They appear to be a tidy bunch. We hope their stay with us is short and uneventful. If there is any evidence otherwise, please let first the Police and then us know. It influences our actions. Appropriate security measures will also need to be taken. Please continue to use the Hall and Rec as normal, the presence of villagers helps to maintain vigilance. The Hall Committee thanks the Parish Council, Tracy Snook, Hilary Cole and West Berkshire for their support in managing this situation."

Statement issued by Chieveley Recreation Centre