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May 2017

Wow for tulips. The village planter has an exceptional display this spring. The loud yellow and red conflagration is Tulip ‘Flaming Parrot' - an outstanding example of the parrot flowered group of tulips renowned for their feathered petals and eccentric colour combinations. Bloms Bulbs supplied them if you are tempted to rival the village display.

The soil in this area is generally free-draining and tulips (natives of Turkey, Greece and The Balkans) seem to do well here: well, they do in my garden! In the wrong soil, tulips will slowly diminish, producing fewer flowers on weaker plants within a few years until they die out. The skill of gardening is to learn by watching and experience and to concentrate on the thrivers and not the faders.

May is great time of year for enjoying both the countryside and garden. The woods are full of bluebells, fresh young growth and birdsong. There is plenty to do in the garden with plants growing fast and the temptation of planting out summer flowers and crops.

My priority over the bank holiday weekend is to stake those taller and floppier plants that are otherwise wasted. Delphiniums (obviously) repay careful support from canes or one of those odd patented staking systems you find in Hillier. The more bushy perennials do well with a few old-fashioned pea-sticks; if you can get them. The art of staking is to get the support high enough up the plant to hold the plant upright without making it looked trussed up or too gathered in. And obviously, it looks better if the stakes do not project above the plant you are supporting; you want to admire the plant not the staking.

If you want to drool over virtuoso plant supports, travel to RHS Wisley. The double long borders are a masterclass in supporting plants effectively and inoffensively. There is much more to admire at Wisley than the staking, of course.

Last year the Plant and Produce sale returned to Chieveley House. It was a gem of an event in a gem of a garden and the sun shone. People enjoyed a glass of wine before departing with bags full of plants, cakes and jams. So, here is my annual plea - would all gardeners pot up any spare seedlings, divisions, rooted cuttings or other spare plants, keep them safe, grow them on, make them look impressive and generally be generous so that we can sell them to raise money. You can contact me via the MyChieveley website to arrange collection or delivery for the sale on Sunday 7 May.

Happy Gardening, Giles Derry

Dates for your diary

Sunday 7 May, Chieveley House. Plant and Produce Sale. Please join us at Chieveley House on Sunday 8 May from 11.30 to 1pm for The Plant and Produce sale. There is a modest entrance fee, a glass of wine and there will be a selection of interesting plants as well as cakes, bread, jams and other homemade produce. All in the very civilized environment of this glorious garden.

Tuesday 9 May 7.30pm, Chieveley Village Hall. ‘The Cutting Garden'. Moira White will revisit the idea of having a dedicated area for producing cut flowers for the house. It is not only grand houses with walled vegetable gardens that have areas to produce cut flowers to decorate your home.

Saturday 13 May. Coach trip to RHS Malvern Spring Festival. The ‘Great Spring Show' is the first big flower show of the year and a wonderful opportunity to re-inspire you for the gardening season. There are plenty of plants to buy from the large selection of specialist nurseries. Our coach leaves the village hall at 8.15 to return at 5.30. The cost for the coach and entrance is £30; a deposit of £10 will secure your place. Contact Michael Pocock on 248213.