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Code of Conduct

Tennis Ball  The courts are available at all times with the following taking priority - Inter Club matches, Club Sessions, Club championships

Tennis Ball  Members may use the tennis balls in tins on the table, or provide their own tennis balls

Tennis Ball  Tennis shoes or non marking trainers must be worn. Other footwear will damage the courts and is not permitted

Tennis Ball  Appropriate sports clothing of any colour should be worn

Tennis Ball  Players should use a maximum of 4 balls per court

Tennis Ball  Members are responsible for their own and others health and safety which includes removing loose tennis balls from the court during play, being aware of weather conditions which may for example make the court surface slippery and wearing appropriate clothing.

Tennis Ball  In the event of balls going over the boundary fence, these should be retrieved immediately

Tennis Ball  It is recommended that the court key and net stick are returned to the Clubhouse before play commences

Tennis Ball  It is recommended that the Clubhouse be re-locked, or as a minimum the door closed and the light switched off before play commences

Tennis Ball  After play, please return the tennis balls to the Clubhouse and ensure the Clubhouse and tennis courts are locked before departure.

Tennis Ball  Good behaviour is expected from all members at all times, Bad behaviour can result in members being asked to leave the courts. Repeated or extremely bad behaviour, including any damage to club property, can result in termination of membership

Variations for Juniors

Tennis Ball  It is recommended that Junior members under 14 years of age should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times


Please leave the Clubhouse in the state in which you would expect to find it.