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Key Public Documents

Key Parish Council documents are reviewed at the Parish Council May AGM and documents are updated if required.  Should new legislation or regulations come into effect during the financial year further reviews may take place.

Code of Conduct Adopted 2017 

Standing Orders Adopted 2018

Financial Regulations Adopted 2014

Publication Scheme Adopted 2014

Dispensation Policy adopted 2014

Recording at Meetings Notice

Freedom of Information (FoI) Request Guidance for Public 2014

Records Management & Security Policy adopted 2018

Records Management Record Retention & Disposal Schedule 2018

Guidance to Councillors for Site Visits

Complaints Procedure adopted 2015

Emergency Plan May 2016

Planning Procedure Adopted February 2018

General Privacy Policy 2018


Annual Return (Short Version) 2013/2014

Annual Return (Short Version) 2014/2015

Annual Return (Short Version) 2015/2016

Annual Return (Short Version) 2016/2017

Unaudited Annual Return 2017/2018 Sections 1 & 2

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Return Year ended 31 March 2018

Internal Auditor's Report 2015 2016

Internal Auditor's Report 2016 2017

Internal Auditor's Report 2017 2018

Asset Register 2018 

Small Grants Awards Policy

Grants Awarded 2018

Small Grants Awards Application Form for 2018 (to be submitted by 31 October 2017)

Small Grants Awards Notice for 2018 awards

Community Documents

Chieveley Parish Footpaths, Bridleways and Byways Leaflet

Chieveley Parish Council Vision Statement

Parish Plan

Chieveley Village Design Statement

Report of Public Meeting & Questionnaire Survey about Possible Housing sites for Chieveley March 2014


National Statistics link for Chieveley Ward