Oil storage tank

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To leave the club send an email to the above address asking to be removed from the list.

Past prices achieved

2018 (excl. VAT)

Jan 44.5p, 62,200L
Mar 49.5p, 60,000L
Apr 45.75p, 42,000L
Jun 48.3p, 31,250L
Aug 47.9p, 32,000L

2017 (excl. VAT)

Jan 40.5p, 60,000L
Apr 37.7p, 84,000
Jul 32.9p 55,000L
Sep 37.35p 54,400L
Nov 43.5p 77,000L

2016 (excl. VAT)

Jan 22.9p, 62,000L
Mar 27.9p, 82,000L
May 30.55p, 50,000L
Jul 29.49p, 30,000L
Sep 31.8p 39,000L
Dec 37.5p, 73,500L

2015 (excl. VAT

Jan 34.28p, 71,850L
Mar 36.90p 67,850L
May 36.90p, 50,150L
Jul 32.70p 48,250L
Sep 29.75p 40,600L
Nov 27.80p, 45,000L

2014 (excl. VAT)

Jan 53.70p, 57,250L
Mar 51.75p, 71,850L
May 50.75p, 48,600L
Jul 48.50p, 52,400L
Sep 48.00p, 53,500L
Nov 44.00p 54,000L

2013 (excl. VAT)

Jan 58.95p, 47,900L
Mar 60.75p, 73,350L
May 53.50p, 73,100L
Jul 54.59p, 57,050L
Sep 53.95p, 73,110L
Nov 54.40p, 55,000L

2012 (excl. VAT)

Jan 56.9p, 40,180L
Mar 59.4p, 56,800L
Apr 58.5p, 54,200L
Jun 50.1p, 58,250L
Aug 57.66p, 30,350L
Oct 58.9p, 62,900L
Nov 57.9p, 49,430L

2011 (excl. VAT)

Jan 66p, 34,250L
Feb 50.5p, 30,950L
Apr 57.69p 55,350L
Jul 54.88p, 56,500L
Sep 54.65p 78,400L
Nov 56.5p 47,050L

2010 (excl. VAT)

Mar 40.75p 58,000L
May 41.3p 53,000L
Jul 37.9p 32,850L
Oct 39.5p, 61,050L
Dec 53p, 59,450L

2009 (excl. VAT)

Jan 33.8p 50,000L
Mar 29p 53,000L
Jun 32.3p 35,000L
Sep 32p 30,000L
Nov 35.25p 43,000L

2008 (excl. VAT)

Jan 40.95p 22,750L
Mar 46.5p 24,000L
May 54.9p 17,000L
Aug 52.5p 18,000L
Oct 38.7p, 50,000L

2007 (excl. VAT)

Jan 26.75p
Mar 28.5p
Jun 30.4p
Sep 31.5p
Nov 38.95p 19,000L

Honorary Oil Baronesses

Lucy Hislop

Cathy Moseley

Vicky Croft

Helen Rigby

Emma-Jayne Bailey

Karin Carter-Keall

...who have each run the club at various times in its history

 ** Next Delivery **

Orders in by 7pm

Sun Sep 16 2018

Target delivery w\b Oct 1

Minimum order 500 litres 

Once the order is placed with the delivery company you will receive a confirmation email. Details will also be posted on this page.

Oil is delivered within 5-10 days of the order being placed so please check your emails regularly if you are ordering.

It is then your responsibility to ensure the delivery driver can access your tank. 

If you place an order and then no longer require a delivery please let Bob know.

Future Order Deadlines

28 October 2018

Chieveley Heating Oil Club

Chieveley Oil Club bulk buys domestic heating oil saving residents of Chieveley hundreds of pounds a year on their heating bills.

Saving you £80-£125 a year on fuel bills

The club is run on a voluntary basis by Bob Plumridge who orders a tanker of oil every 8-12 weeks according to demand from club members. Generally, the more oil that is ordered the cheaper the price.

Membership of the club is free and is open to all residents of Chieveley.

The club ordered 32,000 litres of oil in July 2018 for 40 members. Current total membership is 250 members.


How it works 

1. Future order deadlines are published on this page so please check the site regularly for upcoming orders. Bob will send an email a couple of weeks beforehand to remind members.

2. Members should send an email to chieveleyoilclub@gmail.com to let Bob know how much oil they need. The information needed is the delivery address, telephone number, delivery instructions and number of litres required. Instructions can be given to fill up a tank but an approximate number of litres is needed as well.

3. Member's orders are totalled up. Bob then contacts the local oil delivery companies to get the best price and then places an order on behalf of members.

4. Bob will then confirm supplier, delivery timescale and payment terms to those who have placed an order within 24 hours of the order being placed. Usually, members then need to contact the supplier to make payment the following day.

5. Oil is then generally delivered within 5-10 days.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that complete and accurate information is provided to the oil suppliers, it is members' responsibility to check all aspects of their individual order with the supplier when making payment prior to delivery.

Volunteer coordinators cannot accept any liability for error. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes the delivery address, special instructions for accessing the property and the amount of oil required. Where a tank is to be filled then it may be prudent to agree an upper limit with the supplier.